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i <3

The Word of the Day for July 10 is:

smarmy \SMAHR-mee\ (adjective)
*1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false
2 : of low sleazy taste or quality

the word of the day might as well be sexiskeezalicious.

when i tried to start my car this morning, it didn't start. it made this chugga-chugga noise. so i borrowed my mom's van for chores; got them done and then went to pick up the dreaded aforementioned package. after bawling my eyes out, my mom gave me a lovely little peptalk telling me that i really needed to get over this. she says i could start by making myself look better by exercising and doing my hair every day and by keeping a better sleep schedule. go go self esteem lifter! erp? whatever happened to her understanding that sometimes i need to eat nilla wafers dipped in kozy shack pudding at midnight with dan while watching horribly cheesy movies? this afternoon she took me to see the bourne identity - i suppose that's her way of helping me deal with this. but the being chubby and not doing my hair - she's not having that. and that hurts. i told her i felt like i had no reason to do my hair anymore. she said, "leigh, do it for yourself." it would have been more sincere if she'd just come out and said it, "leigh, do it for me."

after the movie, i came back and took a short little nap while shadow slept on the floor nearby. napping in a room with another organism feels really really nice. later, my friend mike came over and we went to buy a new battery for my car from trak auto. for some strange reason the ratio of men to women this evening was 3:6. 'twas quite peculiar. anyhow, mike met shadow, installed my battery, and was off to work on his own car. then alex, eran, and jennifer came over and met shadow. then we zoomed over to hoffman to see mr. deeds, which was a surprise to all four of us - it was hilarious! to whom it may concern, there is no hidden ending to the movie - darn it all. steve buscemi and john turturro and even rob schneider were in the movie! i love how adam sandler takes his friends with him in his movies. that makes me happy. another thing that makes me *quite* happy was that we saw the preview for swimfan and it was every bit as corny as i'd hoped it would be. it looks simply marvelous! oh god, i wish i were joking, but it looks like exactly the kind of movie i'm sweet on right now. plus it's starring jesse bradford, who can do no wrong [hackers, romeo & juliet, bring it on, and blue heaven]. i'm just trying to shake off a little bit of my sadness each day. music + friends and rockstar boyfriends and cornball movies help. thank you.
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