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opening my po box has given me the closure i never wanted

"there's nothing like waking up after all of the sadness has been slept off...
and it's just me and you;
looking at all these things."

-untitled (park)

tonight as i approached my po box i was dreading turning the key to see what was inside. i hadn't checked my box in ages. i pulled out the yellow piece of paper from the post office with a box checked that said 'there is too much mail to fit into your box' and my heart just sank. it's dated 6/29, which is just a bit after jeremiah had said he'd mail my stuff back to me. i really don't know what to do. half of me is cheering since i finally got back records that i've been waiting to listen to since november. the other half of me is defeated; that it's really over.

earlier today dan [immediatetongue] and i went to thai hut [on van dorn in alexandria]. i'm trying really hard to go to new restaurants and order things that i don't usually order. i think i'm doing a pretty good job of that. anyhow, it was lovely. then we headed off to the eden center in falls church to promote puffy amiyumi and we did an alright job for 2 white kids with no knowledge of the vietnamese language. we succeeded in hanging posters at 2 places and leaving postcards at 5 other places! then we visited dan's mom and brother at work and moved on to cd cellar. i decided that was enough promotion for one day and we headed to michael's 'cos dan had told me tee shirts were $3 there. so i bought 10 of them with my [ball and chain] credit card. now i can finally do the 'i wear my heart on my sleeve' shirts! keeping busy might clear my head. i'm finally devouring books again. i'm almost done with the exes, which shannon kindly let me borrow. ralph's party was really quite good. i really liked the ending. maybe even more than i liked the ending in thirty-something. i really like lisa jewell. go female writers that mention good music in their books! whee!

tonight i took a nice long nap and then dan came BACK over and we went to blockbuster and then safeway. then we watched a movie with my boyfriend jesse bradford in it; a movie that was so bad it was great...speedway junkie! i tried to rattle off everything that was great about this movie and i had a hard time trying: gay boys, ravers, stars everyone has forgotten about [tiffani-amber thiessen, jonathan taylor thomas, patsy kensit, darryl hannah, and the girl who plays amber on the bold and the beautiful], a drag race, guns, drugs, and lastly; the sentence: "if i could grant you one wish what would it be?" having the reply of "i'd like to learn how to give a woman an orgasm." so yes, it was awful and great. dan and i love watching those kinds of movies together. we're like the MST3K of indie B-films.

on the agenda tomorrow: try to get a job at my old temp agency [the first one not the second one], close my bank acct, pick up my mail from the post office. i've got to do that chore last so i'll actually get stuff accomplished before the tears come and go.

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