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"call it fate or just two hearts magnetized but i've never felt so high since you've been mine..."

i checked my diaryland stats today and it appears someone found it by doing a search for "madflowr" on a search engine called it's so wierd to know that someone is searching for you especially when you have no idea who it is. when i clicked on the link the person followed to find my diaryland page i found a website i did ages ago and for some reason it's still up on geocities. check it out for a laugh: the symphonic vision. it's the webpage of one of my ex boyfriend's bands. hee.

the fourth of july was fairly calm this year. i had a nice day. i picked up jen and alex [two ppl w/o ljs - what gives?] and was off to dan's party. we got there, munched a little, and then watched the girl at the bus stop [anorakgirl] and the 'lil hospital rock out in the basement! then we had a 'lil drink and we were off with kevin [t'lh] in tow. we dropped jen at her car and then we were off to chris' house for a tiny shin dig where we watched snips of 'something weird', which was most definitely wierd. then chris, kevin, and myself did shots [they did tequila - i did triple sec] and were off to cafe asia for a very patriotic dinner! we saw erica and her friend jackie, who had been at dan's party earlier, and we invited them to our table. we had a nice little time. nothing big. no fireworks this year. no making out with a boy who had a girlfriend like i did last year! i am a good girl this year! i am also a girl who gets no kisses, but maybe that's okay too.

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