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"is it dreams that make us real?"

dan [immediatetongue] has totally turned me onto coheed & cambria, which is a first! they're playing at the ottobar on 10 july and i'd really really like to go. anyone, anyone?

there are three show stamps on my hand that are visible right now [ottobar, velvet lounge, 9:30 club] and i *scrubbed* at that ottobar one last night. i have had nightmares where i look at my right hand and it is black with stamps from the many shows i have been to that somehow had just resurfaced on my skin. i dream about strange things. i know this.

ugly casanova last night @ ottobar was crazy better than on friday night. wow oh wow. isaac brock is really talented, but he's still my non-sexual rockstar boyfriend. ding and shelly can have their way with him, as long as i get to have my way with jeremiah green. numnums! i met both the lovely karen [earthstar] and the shy ben [muted_rain] IRL at the show! they are neat kids! the only let down of the night was by the kingsbury manx [again]. i just thought they would be better live, but nothing they did made me even want to get up from the couch we four cuties were sitting on [ding, laini, shelly, me]. oh well. they're fantastic on record tho. and their tee shirts were awesome. they had a lilac colored squid on top of their name. i can't buy a band tee shirt of a band i just thought was mediocre live tho. i just can't.

tonight was a night of jumping from velvet lounge to 9:30 club to velvet lounge to 9:30 club and back to velvet lounge. superdupachunk [all but one or two songs] @ 9:30 club, then li'l hospital @ velvet lounge, then get up kids @ 9:30 club, then bright lights @ velvet lounge [only one song]...then shelly [nerdling] and i departed! phew! it was so much music in a short amount of time. but it felt oh so good. for their first show as a 3 piece, the l'il hospital were GREAT! superchunk were good, but they definitely lose something when they're on that big stage @ 9:30 as opposed to the black cat. the get up kids were effing brill. as always. and the bright lights were too loud for the way i was feeling at the end of the night for me to stay for the rest of the show. tomorrow might be another night of jumping about from show to show. but it helps me forget. about him. a little more each day.
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