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new LJ interest. all the cool kids are adding it; really.

i feel like speaking in haiku now:

first; q and not u
they played almost all new stuff
me like; not so much

interpol; second
completely overrated
cute keyboardist tho

clinic were a sight...
delicious surgical masks
their rock was great; short

end haiku.

the ugly casanova show was absolutely crazy and i mean that in the worst way possible. the crowd was lame. people were talking. people yelled modest mouse songs out. isaac freaked out on the audience and said to stop yelling out modest mouse songs, which was kind of funny, because in the end for the encore they did 'it's all nice on ice, alright'. that [musically] was the highlight of my night. that along with attending the show with the lovely ladiez symptom + nerdling.

ps. i'm kind of dreading falling asleep since i just know i'm going to have a dream about the movie audition that i watched earlier today. i just re-hashed the story for shannon + shelly and had all these flashes back to scenes from the movie. let's see what my subconcious does to those!
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