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maybe someday i will record some music of my own again.

i have felt pretty burnt out lately. i had a sickness. then z had a sickness. then i had a sickness. etc. you know how it goes. and some of my friends have been sad; really really sad and i can't help but feel some of it because i love my friends.

i've been trying to get out and accomplish stuff though. a couple weeks back jason anderson was in town to record the vocals for his new album at his friend chris' studio. he wanted to play while out here so i set up a show for him at kris racer's loft elegant mr. gallery. i am pretty sure the only promotion it got was 1) a facebook invite i sent out 2) jason's messageboard and website and 3) the gallery's webpage. anyways, it was really awesome and a solid crowd of 40+ people. and so special. jason thanked me way too many times. as everyone knows, i love that dude times infinity. his shows are always special. anyways, on mlk day, we gathered a crew of 6 people total [me, eliza, andy, leander, elise, and steven] to record back up vocals and hand claps for his album. then 4 of the 6 were recorded playing instrumental parts while steven and i looked on. it was a really special group of people and it really made me want to do something this year musically. veggie bite was only consumed twice, but now i think jason is hooked on chicago diner instead? :)

here is a photo jason took with my camera of us singing. there are more photos in that set:
Recording bits for Jason Anderson's next record.

here are the glasses that i finally decided i will get when i go to the optometrist tomorrow:
Jai Kudo Frames 501 - front
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