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a wasted day and a look away

today my mom called me a freeloader as i vegged out watching 'kiss me guido' on tee vee. i'd already seen it. after it ended i went upstairs and finally cleaned the office and started cleaning my room. then karyn called and said she would come over and we would do something. she came over way later than i'd expected and met the puppy [whose name is now shadow - i'm not sure if i've announced that yet]. we went to the store to buy ingredients. then i made us pasta and sauteed portabella and spinach and garlic together and mixed that into the ragu sauteed onion and garlic sauce. my breath is still stinky. instead of going to see the parlour scouts @ fort reno, k + i watched the sidewalks of new york. i was actually fairly impressed. i went into it thinking i wouldn't like it, since i was not a fan of 'she's the one' at all and i only thought that 'the brothers mcmullen' was alright. the way ed burns brought things together was quite nice and tahiti 80 was on the soundtrack to boot. mmhmm.

we started watching 'waking life' afterwards and i remember thinking "right now my head is not in the shape that it needs to be to watch this movie" because my eyes clicked shut.

oh yea, i played the google game everyone is playing:

Leigh is "House Of Pain."
Leigh is where Mischief is
Leigh is skating's master chef
Leigh is a talented writer who develops characters to cheer for!
Leigh is a professional Dominatrix in the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area.
Leigh is concerned about the overpricing of travel insurance in general and is determined to give cheerful service at a reasonable price.
Leigh is still one of a kind.
Leigh is particularly happy to work with Mike since he is recently divorced and she finds him as attractive now as she did back in high school.

i sure do get around! wowee zowee! i am a real renaissance woman. tonight is elf power/gerbils! i'm pretty sure shelly is coming and just a second ago i confirmed that i am taking my ex boyfriend sean's ex roommate, max, who is visiting with sean right now from georgia. sean has been schoolin' and workin' so max has been not going out as much as he would like to and since he said he wanted to go to the show i offered him a ride. yep, i only just now remembered that i had agreed to go to spilt milk afterwards. oops. now i'm talking to him tho and that appears to be fine. now if i can only clear it with shelly. wink wink nudge nudge?

addendum @ 4:05am: hand stitched heart. go there and buy me the white wallet with the black x. you know you want to.

addendum @ 4:06a: paul frank never remembers my name or anything we talk about. i am a firm believer that he smokes tha ganja 24-7. either that or he is actually many, many ppl using one screen name. haha but his designs are so cute; who would have thought?

pf (4:07:34 AM): leeee?
madflowr (4:07:39 AM): yes that's how it is pronounced.
pf (4:07:43 AM): ok
pf (4:07:47 AM): better than layyyy
pf (4:08:02 AM): frito lay
pf (4:08:13 AM): you corn chip
madflowr (4:08:41 AM): haha
madflowr 4:08:44 AM): dorky!
pf (4:09:08 AM): me?
madflowr (4:09:16 AM): YES!
madflowr (4:09:18 AM): definitely!
pf (4:09:24 AM): you my friend......
pf (4:09:28 AM): are like................
pf (4:09:39 AM): old salad................
pf (4:09:54 AM): hahaah.
pf (4:09:56 AM): "all shriveled up"
madflowr (4:10:01 AM): now yr jerky!
pf (4:10:02 AM): :-P
madflowr (4:10:07 AM): AND dorky!
pf (4:10:10 AM): i am messin
pf (4:10:12 AM): dood

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