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crafting is hard on the health.

this weekend in my awesome friends' lives:
- Shelly, sister in sha-sha-sha-shaw, got married to Ed
- C. made mozzarella (this is just blowing my mind) from scratch:
- Christa and Sarah Coyne both got amazing tattoos

in my life:
I worked doors at shows I had booked at South Union Arts (Friday: The Protomen/The Auramatics and Saturday: The City on Film/Slithering Beast/State Champion/Brett Saxon). I burnt myself out on the not fun part of crafting; the packaging. It was all I was doing the last 5 days or so. It felt like all I had done was work work work since Tuesday when I'd gone to see Wanted with Reba and Rachel. I had a breakdown and just started sobbing uncontrollably before I was leaving for SUA Saturday night for the show. I do take on too much. It's proven.

this is what my world has looked like the past week, but with different projects on the desk:


I think I mentioned this, but Jessee and I also applied for Crafty Bastards (9/28/08) together again this year. We don't know for sure that we'll get in, but I'm pretty hopeful. It's never good to be too confident about this kind of thing. Miss Alison and I are going to road trip out there together. My parents are going to be out of town, which is sad, BUT this does mean that any other crafty pals can stay with us. SRSLY, if you're coming, we should have a gigantic crafty nerd party on 9/27. Every rose has its thorn though, right? I already had a ticket for My Bloody Valentine at the Aragon 9/27/08 when I realized that Crafty Bastards was the next day and there was no way I'd be able to make it there if I were to go to the show. Trust me, I looked at flights. Sad face. Otherwise, I just need to give myself a life while still crafting rather than letting it consume my being. So, 10 cent wings at Cleo's tonight at 5:45 it is. Perhaps a $6 movie tomorrow night if I'm feeling like most everything is done. I've decided to wait to re-make the frisky fork and baguette bday cards because I need to stay sane. This weekend DEPART-ment at Pitchfork will be nuts. Ginny and my pal Dominic gets in Wednesday and the guest room needs to be guest-ready.

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