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a great birthday

i had an amazing birthday. 29 feels good. thank you for your well wishes and for coming out and making the jubileigh super. oh, and gifts = whoa! i have really amazing friends. looking around the show was just incredible. i love sharing jason with people i care about. anyone who really wanted to make it but couldn't, thank you for the texts and emails and phonecalls. i love you dudes.

tonight i will finally get my permanent crown. i am afraid my dentist will not be happy with the current condition of my teeth. yarg.

regarding the small f-list cut i just made: it's nothing personal; really. i'm just too old for this. jason and i had a really poignant conversation about friendship and even he who is so pro-friendship knows when to say when. i've tried. i know who i truly mean something to. i am not longer going to settle for something less.
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