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gearing up for the jubileigh...

in case anyone forgot, the bday jubileigh is this saturday, may 10th @ south union arts. it will start 'round 9:30. kid, you'll move mountains have dropped off the bill due to some conflicts that arose. that just means a longer set by jason, so all is well. i hope you can come out. it really would mean a lot to me since i flew my fave singer dude/buddy out for the day and i can't think of any better way to spend my birthday than with friends seeing him sing (and eating cupcakes). also, i am turning 29, and seeing as, secretly, i have always been a little scared of 30, i may not be as celebratey with turning 30, you should really come out this year.



i made pins, shirts and then decided to make posters on construction paper with this design, which came from a doodle jason did at galaxy hut a few years back that i always loved. why not? i love making merch for jason. tonight z is taking me to bday dinner at atwood cafe, which i have wanted to try for years. exciting! tomorrow night is possibly dinner at jerry's, picking jason up from o'hare, and then saturday morning is mirah at the vittum theatre at 10:30 in the morning playing to little kids. me, ginny, and rachel are in. i have an extra ticket since jason is planning to sleep in. yes, it's going to be while my bloody valentine tickets go on sale, so sei-jin and zachary are out. :)
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