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easter and everything before and after

friday was a holiday and a day not to post on lj, so i braved the snow and walked down to H&R block to get my taxes done. what a relief. friday night i was scared to drive in snow, so i had to pass on jv/malkmus. instead we walked to secret shine at the note. it was always the plan to go straight from malkmus to secret shine, so i'm glad i saw at least one show that night. saturday night i saw picture books/kid, you'll move mountains/statehood at reggie's. e axe love is the best love. well, just getting to see my dc kids at all is the best kind of love. statehood are fantastic. go listen: or

we had a really nice easter brunch yesterday. a bunch of people came over. it was a potluck so we had all sorts of food, from ryan's matzo ball soup to gavin's vegan french toast to ginny's awesome guacamole, etc. everything was awesome. photos up on flickr starting here: i was so full that i napped on and off until midnight when i moved into the bedroom. exercise starts soon, i swear! i bought two of the biggest loser dvds. we'll see how that goes. i am the only one in from our office today. it's nice and quiet. i'm working on a project for one of my lawyers.

this is for tara:

chobani greek yogurt honey nonfat vs. fage authentic greek yogurt with greek honey

chobani greek yogurt honey nonfat:
gross. the honey is mixed into the yogurt in this one. yow. my gag reflex kicked in upon first bite. i kept eating to make sure it was really that gross. it was. the texture is lumpy. i will never buy this again. i actually feel kind of sick after eating it. cost: $1.49

fage authentic greek yogurt with greek honey:
yum, totally awesome. the fact you can choose how much honey you want in each bite is nice. i ended up with honey leftover. the texture was smooth. i could eat this a couple times a week for breakfast. cost: can't remember, but jewel has it.

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