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working on it.

I was in love with the pink shoes I'd seen in Delia's or Alloy or what have you, but then I found these on Zappos, fell in love, and bought them since Lauren lambfaced sent me a 20% off coupon. Thank you so much. They are every bit as cute as they appear online: Shellys London - Corine. Mine are a wee bit small, but I suppose I will get a heel spacer.

This Sunday and Monday my stomach was just churning and churning. Zachary actually threw up a bunch, but I just had lesser effects. We are guessing it was food poisoning, but we only ate the same meal once in the last couple days and it was sushi. The Kewpie mayo I had bought was not refrigerated and was just on the shelf, while every time I had purchased it before, it was in the refrigerated section. We are guessing that may be the culprit? No way to know really. Still feeling all kinds of queasy in the stomach parts.

Things are getting better. Since the weather was gloomy and snowy, instead of going in, I talked to this therapist on the phone yesterday. I'm going in for our first proper session next Monday.

Z and I are so close to the end of Twin Peaks. We'll definitely be done by week's end. Oh my, I can't really express how much I love it. There are just such great characters. I am also more than halfway through My So-Called Life. Ahh, such memories with that one. I stopped one of my fave MSCL episodes, the Juliana Hatfield episode, to watch another episode of Peaks last night.

Unrelated to anything: I wrote up a list of my very favorite Hayden songs to put on a mix for JV and damn, Hayden is the best, but now is the time to point out that the new album is my least favorite thus far. Big sigh there.

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