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i feel like a lot of things are falling apart and i hate it.

natalia: okay, this is all just my opinion (and some of it might be pulling out from my own life too)... anyway, i think you're very outgoing (more than most), and always looking for ways to connect with people. you have a lot going on, and there are a lot of different ways you can connect with people (music, food, books, politics, emotional topics, being adopted, going out, having fun, whatever.) and because you're always spending time with different people to fulfill those different needs and have new and life-loving experiences, people might view that as being flippant and not fulfilling to your friends' needs. but it does seem to me like you have a core group of friends that you maintain ties with, in a deep way. have you read the tipping point? i think you're a classic connector.

natalia is one of the best people that i know. i've known this girl 10 years.

i simply have been unable to do the balancing act that i am usually am able to. i really don't intend to, but i may have been selfish lately. it all really started with laini's death. i'm working on issues that will hopefully make me feel like a whole person in the long run. right now though, it seems that a distance is mounting between me and people that i love with all my heart. if you feel neglected, i am really sorry. this may take months to sort out, but i hope that one day i'll feel like i'm back together.

i think pink shoes might help my mood today:

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