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"the curtains blow the frightened tress, they line the moonlit windy beach"

i started writing this entry about jv yesterday, but i had a stressful rest of the day at work and was unable to pop back to it.

i don't know if i have ever told the story of how i met john vanderslice here on lj. on july 18, 1998 i was in new york seeing the modest mouse and dismemberment plan at intelfest in new york and hanging out with a former best friend brad barr. i was coaxed into going up there because of all the awesome bands playing the fest (three of my top fave bands: SFA, SDRE, D Plan). my friend brad was obsessed with modest mouse and i kind of liked them but during the show, i thought it was a bit too twangy, so i left the main room after about half of their set.

i was and, duh, still am a computer nerd. back then i was obsessed with mIRC and the knitting factory, where the dismemberment plan/modest mouse show was, had a computer with internet connection in the front hall that anyone could use. i was amazed by this and logged into DALnet to chat in #permanent_daylight or #gurlee or something. after a bit of chatting, i feel someone standing by me and it's jv and he said something like, "wow, i thought i loved the internet." or something like that. anyways, we start talking about radiohead and music and he tells me about his band and then says he could put me on the guestlist in dc when mk ultra opened for sunny day real estate. anyways, it all began there, but now, 9 years later, we are still buds. seeing him play now is incredible. lots of singer alongers. he's been doing this thing where they come into the audience and perform a couple songs. we were talking about music and i explained how awesome jason anderson is and he's never heard of him, so i am making him a mix. jv is opening for stephen malkmus in march. up & up & up.

now another day has passed and z and i went to see persepolis with kirstie and jason and then out to ayce sushi. no word from james since before noon, but he's in town for the weekend and i want to see his funny face.

oh yeah, and tonight i got my against demons tattoo. it was a long time coming:


tomorrow the plan was going to be to see juno (finally) with eliza. i'm going to call her to see if it's still the plan. ENGLISH MUFFIN time!

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