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"but i thought that this meant something more than broken hearts and new addictions..."

after the misery of yesterday i've decided to start work on the new 'zine. i was thinking of calling it 'broken hearts and new addictions', but is that name far too emo? basically, this new 'zine is going to be a collaboration between me and many of my friends. somehow it just seems fitting tho. 'broken hearts and new addictions' would be abbreviated BHANA. any ideas? jeremiah and i were going to name our 'zine 'eggs over eager', but seeing as that's over, i need a new title. ideas?

tonight is dressy bessy. maybe i won't cry tonight after i get home. i've already wasted a vanilla coke's worth of tears today. good riddance. maybe i should stop looping sad songs. winamp makes it too easy.
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