she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

i want to be the girl with the most cake

i came back from seeing jenny and meeting her husband (finally) at club foot (also re-met ryan nicecream). saw my awesome downstairs neighbors there and dave perez. the foot turned non-smoking is seriously magical.

tomorrow i am going to get my temporary crown FINALLY. when i got the confirmation call, i checked up on the cost. $850+ with no insurance. i thought i was finally getting my money in check. i started crying and asked about payment plans. she said for established clients they could bill it in multiple installments, but since i was fairly new i'd need to pay half tomorrow and half when i went back in to get the permanent put in march 1st. i think she took pity on me and said that she could work it out into three installments, so that's a little better. i had nearly paid off my credit card and then wham! also, i am finally getting my against demons tattoo on 1/19 and there is no way i am going to cancel my appt with esther again, so eff.

yes i am craving soda, but i allowed myself a jack & coke at the foot tonight (allowed in my resolutions), but i feel like that's really why my teeth are so bad. soda. boo.

rhymes with twee is participating in the wedding/valentine's day showcase that goes up monday. i have no idea if it will make my sales go up, but i really hope so.

when i got back tonight z was watching the bonus disc that came with the stars album and there was some line that was a hole song or something and i had to go listen to live through this, so i did. DAMN, that album holds up. i got especially nostalgic because jenny and i were talking about music while we were growing up at foot. woo.

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