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xmas wrap up. good things.

lauren posted that seoul, the korean guy gene lee (i had also heard jin lee) who would always be dancing at the milwaukee/damen intersection and bringing a smile to most everyone's face passed away. it's really too bad because he really was adored by a lot of people. i have a bunch of acquaintances who knew him. it seems from the post by his parents that he might have killed himself. really sad. his music is really really good.

i had a really great christmas back home. my parents surprised both my brother and myself with a gps system. it's something i never would have bought myself in a million years, but i'm actually really pleased with it. okay, i admit that my first thought was "can i return this?", but after playing around and realizing just how cool it was, i was hooked. i used it to navigate to carol bui's house after we saw sweeney todd at shirlington. i was waiting for alex to call me back but he never did because he lost his phone at home. i used the gps to get from carol's place to his place so i could leave it there for him.

other xmas goodies from family included: my so-called life boxset (YES), v mars season 2 & 3, a necklace, raw key rack from yellow canoe, cloud necklace from brookadelphia, pinkbold checkbook holder from quietdoing (actually, this is not made as well as it looks on etsy, fyi), and the storytime print by apak that i was going to buy myself if i hadn't gotten it for christmas. actually, i got everything i asked for on my christmas list, but no books strangely. alex gave me two though (morvern callar and mommies who drink) and an edward gorey postcard year planner. z got me two gifts but one of them was v mars season 2 and the other one was a puzzle he thought i said i wanted that i didn't. we went to border's and exchanged them and they have a buy 2, get 1 dvd sale on so i got beyond the golden compass, the usual suspects, and once, and a pez dispenser of pantalaimon (from the golden compass). NERD! :)

stephanie had sent me this awesome matt cipov print and i went with erica to jo-ann's to get a frame for it and the storytime print. actually, i thought i'd be able to find a frame for the jessica gonacha print that we had traded for (along with an awesome print on woodblock), but i couldn't find anything suitable. the print itself showed up with a corner crumped. cursed usps. also they bent the cipov print in half too, but it looks good anyways. i can't wait to put this stuff up, but i don't have any appropriate nails.

rhymes with twee is going to be in the poppytalk handmade valentine/wedding themed showcase. i plan to re-photograph my cards during this long weekend.

last night i met ginny, mollymintyfresh, lcb, and meredith at PANIC. that was fun times. me and a bunch of dudes did drunky brunch at joey's this morning. no, really. i was the only girl. thanks for bailing, ladies! zachary, sei-jin, marty, gavin, and his friend from l.a. sausage party! jake, katie, bob, and what i guess is the new threadless crew showed up and were at the table next to us. then afterwards, z, s, and i saw the orphanage at landmark. it was good once, but i don't think i'd need to see it again. then we came back, changed into footie pajamas, ate ice cream, and watched the new luc besson, angel-a. i liked it. the end was pretty cheesy, but cheesy is good. seriously, at least the last couple hours, i have been reading lj friends entries and catching up. i think i am finally hungry again. leftovers from the painted lady organic eatery or butterfly...hmm!

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