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watching a lot of movies

friday night the cab driver i had from dulles was from ghana. he may have been my favorite cab driver ever. he had a small business of buying clothes at thrift stores and then freighting them back and selling them at a little shop there. he said that he sold a lot and was registering his business. he was going back home for three months and he was so excited. we had such a good chat. i got in pretty late and i talked to my mom really late and then wrapped all the presents. yesterday started with movies and i went with my mom to see i am legend at springfield mall and then we picked up some stuff at target. at 4 i left to go see les dj at cusp in tyson's corner center, but it took me 30 minutes to find parking, so i got there as she and oscar were packing up. kev showed up and then we then headed to crisp & juicy for delicious dinner. then i went with kev to target and best buy where he shopped for presents, and then to galaxy hut for a quick drink where we met up with alex, jeff barzcz, shantron and duncan, and then we headed to jay's saloon and then we parted from jeff, shantron, and duncan and went to chris callahan's party. it was a pretty awesome day. all that and i was back by 12:30ish. today all i did was watch movies.

today i saw three movies at three different theatres:
national treasure: book of secrets @ kingstowne consolidated with my parents
atonement @ amc hoffman with jen peltak-carpenter
walk hard: the dewey cox story @ springfield mall with kevin alvir

when i'm home, i really love going to see movies with my mom. we may go see one more movie before the weekend is out. i still want to see a couple that are playing here: juno, sweeney todd, and charlie wilson's war. any takers? heck, if there had been a midnight movie after dewey cox, i may have gone.

tomorrow the only plan i know of is that we're going to dinner at a french place we went last year for xmas eve. xmas day i hope to see carol. and maybe another movie.

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