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2007 year end meme

2007 was a rollercoaster of a year. overall it was pretty great, but there were some really low dips in there. this year i lost one of the coolest people i will ever know, laini stamathis. it really feels like a huge chunk of me died along with her, so i am going to have to work on getting whole again. i started tearing up listening to in rainbows: disc 2 on the L this morning because she never got to hear it. her mom says she didn't think she finished harry potter and the deathly hallows because she didn't want it to end. in rainbows was on her ipod so i feel like she must have listened to it. in 2008, i plan to get myself back on track. i'm trying to do things i'd put off for ages, keep in touch with people i love on a more regular basis, and be more creative (music, writing, & crafts). resolution list forthcoming.

1) Where did you begin 2007? At Kris & Joe's place. Joe & Tipper's band The Ice Cream Floats played their first show (I think it was 3 songs long) and then we all danced to Hey Ya at midnight. Really small, really awesome new year.

2) What was your status on Valentine's Day?
Happily in love with the boo.

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
sadly, no. cross yr fingers for 2008?

4) How did you earn your money?
worked at the law firm (hit 3 years here in july), selling at craft fairs with rhymes with twee, sporadic money (okay, twice, from south union arts)

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
to the doctor's, yes. i was sick all the time and having really bad bouts of depression. doc said it was anxiety disorder most likely, after plenty of tests.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
Only when Reba was pulled over for speeding just outside of Chicago on our way to DC.

7) Where did you go on vacation? PITTSBURGH, Cleveland, DC (home).

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000? Not one thing in particular, but combined mycraft supplies equaled over $1000 easily (paper, button maker, sewing machine).

9) Did you know anybody who got married? Did Christa & Michael get married in 2006 or 2007? Kris & Joe. Jenny & Joe (still haven't met the dude).

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
Laini Stamathis. Zachary's grandmother (his mom's mother).

12) Did you move anywhere?
Into a new apartment with Zachary.

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
It's all up here.

15) Are you registered to vote?

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?

17) Where do you live now?
Wolcott & Augusta. Ukrainian Village, East Village, whatever who you talk to calls it.

18)Describe your birthday?
We had the Mol/leigh birthday party. On my bday, Z and I went to Deleece and Ginny happened to be driving by and picked us up. At least I think that was my bday.

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2007?
Make money at craft fairs? I don't know. I am an optimist with most things.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Moving in with Zachary, getting Hoggle.

21) What's something you learned about yourself?
I'm a really good friend, but I care too much.

22) Any new additions to your family?
Hoggle Hansen-Kelsey.

23.) What was your worst month?
November, singularly because of Laini's death.

24.) What music will you remember 2007 by?
Radiohead - In Rainbows

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
LCB. Ginny. Jenny T. Zachary. I spread it around.

26) Made new friends?
Yes, some amazing ones! Eliza, Erica B., Rhea, Alison S., Bailey, Reba, Jami, and lots of other crafty pals.

27) New best friends?

28) Favorite Night out?
That's too hard. We had a lot of fun this year. PGH soul night was pretty close though. That weekend with Natalia was spectacular really.

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