she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

xmas gifts for everyone!

eliza and i may head over to the hideout tonight for the other hideout holiday sale. erica can't go. boo. if we don't make it to the hideout it's not the end of the world since i have all my gifts bought and i have a bottle of peach lambic at home. i <3 Lambic.

next year i am going to TRY to not give any gifts except to family types and instead give a lump sum to

i bought a ton of presents this year (and made a couple):

family - aunt anne
family - dad
family – mollie
family - mom
family - steve
family - uncle george
family (kind of) - z's parents
family (kind of) - z's sister
friend - alex
friend - brandy
friend - carol
friend - charlie
friend - danelle
friend - eliza
friend - erica
friend - ginny
friend - jen p.
friend - kirstie & jason
friend - kris & joe
friend - lauren
friend - leslie b.
friend - nancy
friend - natalia
friend - sei-jin
friend - stephanie
work - diana
work - katherine
work - peter
work - sharon

family - aunt anne: The Kite Runner + ipop cat magnets
family - dad: 4 books, z got him a flickr account
family – mollie: His Dark Materials set + headband + The Smiths - Meat is Murder
family - mom: Mame Soundtrack + Louisiana Pralines
family - steve: Seinfeld, Season 9
family - uncle george: Counting Crows - August & Everything After
family - zachary: we bought the couch cover together, framed artwork together, and i bought him some footie pjs so we could match.
family (kind of) - z's parents: two ornaments (one from christkindlmarket, one made by chet and dot) and biscotti
family (kind of) - z's sister: a bunny pillow from Dearest Inez
friend - alex: i made him a mitten scarf
friend - alison p.: picture frame tote bag made by an awesome seller whose name eludes me.
friend - brandy: a scarflette from in the flesh
friend - carol: pb loco peanut butter set!
friend - charlie: a key hook from yellow canoe
friend - danelle: an owl necklace (this was something i just saw and reallllly thought she would like)
friend - eliza: vintage and made with vintage thing bookmarks
friend - erica: a cupcake apron made by made by tess
friend - ginny: a bento set by glue & glitter
friend - jen p.: a panda print hopefully to go into boy baby bearclaw's room + mixtape onesie also for bearclaw.
friend - kirstie & jason: lavender sachet + polaroid pin from a minor thread, totally forgot i had ordered them the ipop cat magnet set so that'll be a sweet surprise later since we already traded gifts
friend - kris & joe: a gift set from vella cafe
friend - lauren: a moo card holder
friend - leslie b.: my favorite mirror coasters by boy girl party
friend - nancy: my favorite mirror coasters by jill bliss and other stuff i had meant to send for awhile!
friend - natalia: framed print by delicious design league
friend - sei-jin: percolator + coffee beans
friend - stephanie: rabbit food cookbook
work - diana: book box from an etsy seller + mitten ornament by qylaar
work - katherine: coasters i made and a lavender sachet by a minor thread
work - peter: mitten ornament by qylaar and corner bakery giftcard
work - sharon: betty shirley cd + mitten ornament by qylaar

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