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Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland & DEPART-ment Chicago WRAP

Leigh! rhymes with twee
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Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland was fantastic. Miss Alison and I drove in Friday night and stayed with Kate Galo. Saturday we went to West Side Market to get snacks and then sold our butts off. Tess of Made by Tess set up right by us and she snapped this photo. She is really awesome. The first time I'd met her was at this past Renegade in Susie's booth. I swapped some RWT cards to her for a discount on a present for a friend. Woo! Also, re-met Bethany of Cleodee's and swapped for a fanged snowman ornament! For first dinner, Kate and her friend Kathleen (sp?) drove us to Sushi Rock to get carryout sushi. After the fair was over we navigated treacherous unsalted streets to Johnny Mango where second dinner was had. I did very well at BBC and it's the second most I've made at a fair yet. On Sunday we went to breakfast at Tommy's, a longstanding mostly veggie restaurant, and then Alison and I were off. Alison is really wonderful. I'm sure you've seen her stuff at fairs, but you should really buy from her this holiday season:

Sunday night I got back and picked up my stuff and my money from DEPART-ment and I was pleased with how I did there too. Third most I've made at a fair. Z and I went to dinner at AKI Sushi (see, I really can eat sushi every day). They were training new waitresses and we were asked three times in less than a minute if we wanted drinks. It was pretty adorable, but kind of annoying. Because I was still feeling celebratory, I took myself and Ginny to see Enchanted which was fun. Today work dragged on.

Tonight for the Heroes finale, I made garlic mashed potatoes for the very first time and they were incredible. Mm. That recipe is golden. I left out the cheese since I didn't have any and I used an entire bulb of garlic. Everyone else was saying it was so garlicky. I think I am immune to it now.

Oh, and when I walked up to my house after work today, there were all these floodlights set up one house south of me. Turns out they are filming a television pilot called Cocktail Martini Girls. WEIRD!

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