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trying to write a normal entry

i am really glad to be alive. i am thankful for my family and my friends and my boyfriend and his family and our hedgehog. we had a really great thanksgiving in cleveland at z's parent's house. i love his grandma (his dad's mom). she's like a tiny version of my grandma. she's 90 and she baked the most delicious apple pie from scratch and was being very generous in letting the hansens keep the rest of it. later it came out that she was letting them keep it because she had cooked herself a smaller pie to have for her and her friend, but she had forgotten! she's just really precious. the turkey breast that his mom cooked was delicious. two kinds of stuffing, green beans, sweet potato souffle, rolls, and corn pudding(?). i feel like i am missing something. it was a great spread. i really hope that laini's parents got through this holiday okay. her and her family are in my thoughts a lot. i am really thankful to have known her.

alison preszler and ronimal are getting married! he popped the question on the beach in the bahamas. when i saw her two weeks ago, i totally called it. leslie t. and oscar o. are getting married april 5, 2008. it's so funny that all of a sudden, there is just a surge of friends getting married and having babies! good thing i have onesies made.

speaking of onesies, eliza brought a bunch of rwt stuff to white rabbit in iowa city, ia this weekend because she is awesome. i am craft cramming for the two craft fairs i have this weekend (depart-ment in chicago and bazaar bizarre in cleveland). i made a bunch more of the xmas "couldn't have picked a better ________" cards. i really need to make more "i'm glad i picked you" cards since i am nearly out. i am out of the baguette bday cards and i am running low on the croissant. we'll see what i have left. i don't have the money to buy more supplies to make cards with so i am making do and trying to use up the rest of the blank cards i have. with zachary being in cleveland until tonight, the living room is once again a craft explosion. i am trying to be good, but it's so hard when i want to watch a dvd and craft. i just have to lug everything into the living room and once everything is packaged, only then i lug it back into the craft room. yeah, the craft room is really just storage right now in addition to being a functional guest bedroom. i think once the xmas bonus from my day job comes in, i'll buy a cheap dvd player for the craft room/guest bedroom.

in addition to the craft cram 2007 that took place this weekend once i got home from clevland, i went out to dinner with my pal rachel senecal to flo, watched bad tv and movies (frida, life is beautiful, big mistake, safe), and made the best lentils and rice i have made yet. haven't made it in awhile, but wow, it made me really happy. tonight hopefully i will be able to pick up Z from midway in time to watch heroes and make some baked tempura tofu and PACKAGE up cards and make NEW stuff. ungh.

a great article on the controversy surrounding the golden compass:

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