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favorite laini emails and chats

here are some of the funniest ones. going through this helps and hurts. after going through all those emails, i realize that i never got a package she mailed last november and that sucks. a lot. tonight eliza and i craft, but firstly ginny and i are grabbing a cupcake at sweet cakes.


from laini!
date May 23, 2006 1:07 AM
subject i know you'll appreciate this as much as i did - why is canada so far away!
stupid canada!

oh and random chris farley show moment,
remember being on over the phone trying to get the
computer pronounciation lady to say "lucksmith?"
that was AWESOME.



from leigh
date May 23, 2006 2:37 PM
subject your and kylie's dream place

from: laini!
date May 24, 2006 12:45 AM
subject Re: your and kylie's dream place

omg that place looks so posh! i don't get my hair done at a place like
that... but i'm used to it, kylie always has nicer clothes, a fancier
pad, vip treatment way more than i do, oh the sacrifices we make for
our kids :P

have you seen anyone with those strappy/shirt type things for their
dogs, where it's literally like a sweater with HANDLES so you can
carry your dog like a briefcase? i've yet to see one of those in
person but it looks insane. and y'know... if i put handles on kylie
and threw her over my shoulder she still wouldn't be my most expensive
bag! so, so bad. michelle's sister has a maltese named gucci, maybe i
should've named kylie "balenciaga" then she'd be worth like 2,000
bucks and photographed all over the tabloids on the arm of sienna

do you use the gmail chat thing? i'm playing with it right now... aim
scares me, i'm in no hurry to get back to that again.



from laini!
date Jun 28, 2006 10:52 PM
subject Chat with laini!

10:50 PM me: totally random
do you have any knowledge of PHP ?
10:52 PM laini!: penguins heart potatochips?
ie no
sorry ;)
me: haha
i need to figure it out to sell my craft stuff on my site
10:53 PM using the free selling program dreamhost has
laini!: are you looking for a speed crocheter?
10:54 PM php i dunno, but if you want pretty yarny things to sell, i can't believe i didn't think to ask you about this sooner


date Jul 6, 2006 12:03 AM
subject Chat with laini!

11:55 PM me: lalalalalal
la la la la lahhh la la la la la la la la la
what song
what song am i singing
11:59 PM laini!: HI
mmmmm... when i see all those las in a row
i think of for tomorrow by blur
which has 42 lalas per chorus
12:00 AM well, no, it has 21 lalas per chorus. it has 42 las
me: yes
that is right
laini!: SHUT UP
that is not what you were singing!
me: seriously
yes it was
la la la la laaa la la la la la la lalala
12:01 AM laini!: omg
yes of course that's exactly it
me: haha
i would hope so!

date Sep 6, 2006 12:06 AM
subject Chat with laini!

11:48 PM me: blkeeeeeeeeee
i am obsessed with harry potter nowww
laini!: WHAT
you always used to be like
me: i am on page 273 of book 4
i never wanted to jump in
partially cos i know how consumed i get!
laini!: oh god, it's so good
the fourth book is my favorite of all of them
11:49 PM me: dude yay
laini!: you MUST listen to the mugglecast podcast every week
required listening
11:50 PM pottercast isn't quite as good but of course i listen to it constantly
16 minutes
12:06 AM me: haha
i dont know if it'll go that far
but i love the books

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