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more laini love.

yesterday brianne and i hung out in old town alexandria. we went to bastille, buzz bakery, and the torpedo factory. we came back and relaxed a short while then met les, jen, and karyn (WITH A Y) at junction and then headed to harmony in georgetown for dinner. afterwards brianne and i went to the black cat to see georgie james. as per usual, i felt like a rock star, running into so many friends. i had to break the news to laini to a bunch of people. i kind of feel like a robot reciting what happened over and over again. she was liked or loved by everyone she met.

today brianne and i went to baltimore to see laini's parents again and have breakfast with them at captain james restaurant. i'd been there once so long ago with laini that i couldn't remember the name. i googled baltimore shaped like a ship restaurant and found it, along with an entire webpage about restaurants shaped like ships. after breakfast, where our waitress served us and then was so upset over the remembrance of the news that she could not get herself together enough to bring us the check. afterwards, we went back to the stamathis house again for more talking. at one point i ducked upstairs to use the bathroom and i just felt compelled to look at her room, so i wandered in there. the last time i had seen it was when nothing was unpacked and i'd stayed in the space outside her room with paul a few years ago. nuni was laying on her bed looking really contemplative. i went and scratched his head and then laini's mom came in and we stood there and talked about her hoarding of stuff. after a minute she left and i was standing there just thinking and i lost it and just started sobbing. i've been keeping it together as best i know how, but being there was really impossible not to lose it. i took a couple pictures of nuni laying on her bed and i'll post one when i am back in chicago.

did anyone have plans to see Bjork with Laini because her mom showed me that she had bought two tickets to this show?
Dec 15 2007 8:00P Pearl Concert Theatre Las Vegas, Nevada

We had to leave Baltimore by 2 to make sure that Brianne to Dulles by 4, so we snapped a couple photos, said goodbyes, and were off. Brianne is really awesome and I am really glad that Laini introduced us. So far I've driven a total of (Wed 4 hours, Thu 4 hours, Fri 1 hoursish, Sat 4 hours = 13 hours). I'm emotionally drained as well. This is really taking a lot out of me. The people all brought together by this tragedy are all quality though, so it makes it hurt less knowing that there are a lot of us grieving together.

We all really loved Laini. Here were posts by her friends, but some are locked to friends only: amy, shelly (locked), evan, jennifer (locked), karyn, pam, scott (locked), swifty.

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