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What a dreary day for a funeral

I flew into National yesterday and met Nancy there. We cabbed back to Alexandria, changed into wake appropriate clothing and drove to pick up Les at the Van Dorn Metro stop and we were off to Dundalk. The drive was full of much laughter and great Laini stories. We listened to two mixtapes she made me. One was all Dandy Warhols and the second was just a mix that she made called Holiday Rock, which had nothing to do with holidays, but I think it was because she gave it to me for Christmas. Seeing her body last night was really, really a shock. Les said to be prepared for it to look nothing like her, but it looked nothing like her last night lying there in the beautiful coffin. Our Laini was much more beautiful. They did dress her up in a very Laini outfit and there was a moleskin journal in there as well. To anyone who did not make it last night and will not make it today to the funeral, be glad that your last memory of Laini is one of her smiling, laughing, and filled with so much life.

Seeing Dorothea and Emmanuel was just heart-breaking. To lose your only daughter. It's just unfathomable. I was late to Midway airport yesterday because I was making 50 pins with Laini's name inside of a heart. I sheepishly gave them to Dorothea and Emmanuel, thinking that it was kind of a strange thing to do, but it really just felt so right. We all started laughing and crying thinking about her gigantic pin collection. They ended up being a huge hit. I will make a new batch of these pins at home because I believe everyone of them was snapped up yesterday. If you want one, you can send a SASE to me at 948 N Wolcott Ave Chicago, IL 60622 if you're in the states. If you are not, contact me and we can work something out. She was loved by so many. Brianne's flight yesterday was delayed from Portland. She sent me updates. They grounded her in Chicago and because they were only using two tracks there, her new flight didn't take off until 6 a.m. She should be at Reagan International Airport at 8:42 a.m. I need to make sure Nancy is awake and then we leave to get her. Shelly's school laid down the law and wouldn't let her come. We were pretty crushed by that. 2008 we will reunite the remaining sha-sha-sha-shaw society members. It really sucks that my drama is the last thing up there. Really.

Last night after the wake, we went to Paper Moon Diner. I ate a big dipper, a side of garlic mashed potatoes, drank a chocolate milkshake and got a white chocolate raspbery cake to go. Nancy and Les got turkey burgers and Nancy got bread budding to go. I bought Les a late bday piece of dark truffle cake. So many late night memories of Laini live at Paper Moon. She'll live on in so many people, places, and bands. Crank some Radiohead, Dandy Warhols, Blur, The Lucksmiths, Mirah, etc. today in her memory.

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