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SO SO SO, i have figured out what i want to be for halloween. i thought it'd be a copout recycling my POSTAL SERVICE costume from a couple years back, so i kept brainstorming with pals. my friend josh miller sent me a link to his party evite and the welcome pic was taken from the 30 rock werewolf bar mitzvah episode. holy heck, that's it: werewolf bat mitzvah!

what i already own:
- a dressy dress (let's hope i have something kind of appropriate for a jewish girl's coming of age)

what i need to buy:
- fake teeth

what i need to make:
- fake fur to make fake ears and arm and leg warmers out of
- a yarmulke (hopefully i will be able to sew one)
- a star of david necklace (shrinky dinks)

if you have no idea what i am talking about, you really should watch 30 rock. here is an article about the bit i am talking about:
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