she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

my first depart-ment and on being interviewed?

just a bit ago i talked to a reporter from the new york times wall street journal (my bad) about yelp since she's doing an article about how restaurants are paying a lot of attention to restaurant review websites like yelp. anyways, no idea if my bit would get in, but she said she was on deadline. so, if anyone gets the times, can you look for it the next couple of days?

for the onesies, i ended up making three different designs without words: mixtape, artichoke, and the boo ghost. last night i had to cab home so i could iron all the onesies and finish packaging everything in time to bring to depart-ment. holy gosh, that took forever. setting up last night was awesome. for those not in chicago, DEPART-ment is a really awesome craft fair where everyone codes their items and all similar items are grouped together and then when a shopper is done, they bring all their stuff to the counter and check out! there is no fee to sell, but at the end of the weekend, 10% of the money made (if you do a 2 hour volunteer shift, 15% if you don't) is taken out and they give you a check. i've never done it before, so i am psyched. it's tonight 7-11pm, and saturday/sunday 11-5. it's at the av-aerie (2000 w. fulton). i'm psyched. the stuff there is insane! i think ginny and i are going tonight, possibly with boehms. tomorrow i volunteer. then it's slarrafenland at SUA, and JV at empty bottle. he listed me so i am okay to get there late. i just hope i can make it. sad i have to miss bishop allen, but i've been psyched for this slarrafenland show. i really hope the turnout is good.

nicole (pink loves brown - ) just wrote about a project she did getting ripped off by urban outfitters: some of you wonder why i realllllllly dislike them. that's part of the why. they have no shame! this is also a fascinating blog about a similar topic:

tonight after depart-ment, i think our apartment is due for a cleaning. it looks like a joann fabric exploded. z cat is not pleased! hoggle doesn't mind. that means more places for him to hide when he's out. :) i don't think i said it this week, but i love that little guy. even if i am constantly cleaning poop off his paws and his wheel every morning, he and the boo light up my life!

i've been reading ayan halliday's jobhopper and i love it. i really like her style of writing and i kind of feel like mine would be similar if i happened to write a book.

also, anyone who wants to play me in scrabulous on facebook, STEP TO IT! i love it.

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