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back from crafty bastards!

what an incredible trip. reba ( ) and i drove out there thursday morning, stayed in pgh with the lovely jessica manack and ian in pittsburgh, got up friday morning and had THE BEST breakfast at quiet storm before making our way to dc. reba and i relaxed and did some last minute packaging. we went to dinner at vermilion with my parents and afterwards, i met up with niko, stephen, and shelby at galaxy hut. saturday we went to the zoo with alex and saw PANDAS and went to a lovely lunch at a new to me veggie place alex took us to and after that we went to a bbq at niko's house which was incredible. sunday morning we arose just after 6am, as our load in time for crafty bastards was 7am. reba and i split up since we were in different areas at the fair. jessee art school dropout and co. set up the tent and their tables inside. we were busy 90% of the day. i made a good chunk of change for the majority of my stock being $5 and under. i saw fantastic friends (thank god for alex and christy for giving me a much needed bathroom/food break). the experience was really great and my parents ended up coming after all which was also really great. after the fair, leslie thuggery and i ate chicken at a place we'd been together before when it was in another location while reba found eats across the street. les had to run to dj, then reba and i headed back to my parent's house. that night lucksmiths/ladybug transistor/still flyin' were at dc9. i needed some downtime after the hugely busy day, so i left at 9:30 to go pick up alison p. at 14th & U. my mom almost had me convinced to skip the show since i was so worn out. i bought tix ages ago since i thought a whole crew was going and i wanted to make sure everyone had a ticket, but so many people i thought were going didn't end up there. mark, awesome as always, put me on the guest list, so i could have had a total of 4 other people with me, but it ended up being just alison and i. lots of other random friends were at the show, but so many pop kids from ages ago seem to have dropped off the face of the planet? what happened, dc? instead we were treated to a drunken woman stumbling around and making a fool of herself dry humping one of the two guys she was with while the guys allowed her to continue to get drinks. nice one there, dudes. these people knew all the words and seriously, it blew my mind that people like this love the lucksmiths? this girl kept plowing into me so i gave her the elbow. thara (who i didn't mention earlier in this gigantor paragraph) ended up joking about this mess of a girl. apparently she heard us because she gave me the death stare. wah wah. it was such a sad state. i dropped alison off at home, came home and slept like i never have before until reba knocked on my door at 6:15am since we were leaving at 6:30. we made it out of there by 6:45 and reba dropped me off around 6pm. i hung out with hoggle a lot (z said he was crabby while i was gone, but he was a great little hoggle when i got back), ordered delivery from butterfly, watched heroes, ate when the food came, made 100 artichoke you cards (in silver ink on green this time), while watching flesh & blood (which was EXCELLENT and i highly recommend you put it on yr queues).

apologies for that run on paragraph. i wanted to hammer it all out because i've had a couple people asking how it went. it was awesome. totally awesome. i am totally going to spoon my boo (in a minute)!

actually, the whole reason i started this post was to say that, omg, i was mentioned on indiefixx because they bought some of my cards. that made my day: also, on friday my artichoke you card was on the front page of etsy! the treasury was a collection of people selling at crafty bastards. i sold 3 of those cards and got hearted by about 30 new people. yeah, that combined with indiefixx = awesomeness.

this friday, october 5th through sunday, october 7th is depart-ment at AV-aerie and the fair i am organizing for ladyfest: THE PACK LADY: rummage & craft spectacular is october 20th (also at AV-aerie). yeah, i'm more beat than a beatle, but it really feels good to finally be making people happy and making some money selling my stuff. :)

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