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Yay, my vendor q & a is up on the Crafty Bastards blog!

Hey, my vendor Q&A for Crafty Bastards went live today:

Sweetness! I am seriously SO PUMPED for this fair, even if I barely got 5 hours of sleep last night. Ginny came over to help package up all the MUSIC NOTES (still can't decide if I like that or SEW ROCKIN' better) cards. On my lunchbreak you'll find me packaging artichoke place cards feverishly. Last night at around midnight after watching Blades of Glory (eh), Zachary pointed out that I didn't have many BOO cards and then I frantically made more because Halloween is fast approaching and I should really have some more on hand. Actually, it's funny because the more under pressure I am, the better the results usually turn out, which was true for most papers in high school and college too. I only messed up one card and two envelopes and I managed to save the screen which is rare. Go me! I also managed to finished numbering all of the Ladyfest Chicago 3 print sets that I started back in May. I've still got some little stuff to do, but for the most part, I'm really getting there. I'm going to write myself another to do list, so I can keep things straight in my head. Also, I don't want to be doing this stuff in DC. I want to be hanging out IN DC. I can't wait to spend more than the measly 48 hours I usually have in my home town!

- package artichoke placecards

- iron breakup bandages
- package breakup bandages
- package Ladyfest Chicago 3 print sets
- package Boo cards
- sew a sign for rhymes with twee or at least go to kinko's to get one made
- stuff that one new pillow i have finished
- edit inventory list to add new items
- make price signs
- take stuff off etsy temporarily.
- make a mix cd
- pack up cds to bring on journey
- go see lucksmiths @ schuba's (may have to leave before brunettes just so i can finish up stuff)

- pack
- cut out letters for sign (if not done wednesday)
- make sign (if not made wednesday, or bring stuff to DC to make sign there)

- Folding chairs
- tablecloth
- white card displays

- make the postcard design i have in my head
- make more pillows
- make more "card me" cards
- make more shrinKEYCHAINS
- make test necklaces

- buy candy to have out at table
- finish sign if not already finished
- see carol bui @ black cat (HOPEFULLY we will be in dc by then)
- relax and sell stuff at CB
- see lucksmiths/ladybug transistor @ dc9 sunday night

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