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top of the pops

i totally had this idea a couple years back. i totally have the doodle still and everything. yarg. i was just waiting until i could really sew! oh well.

so i skipped out yesterday on the hideout block party but i went today after finishing heroes season 1 (sobfest) and got there to see 4 dan deacon songs, mucca pazza, punk band, art brut, and blue ribbon glee club. after z said he wanted to leave (he'd been there since noon today), i decided that, yes, after only a couple bands, i was spent too. we came home, watched one of his rented masters of horror dvds, and wow, it's 10pm? how did that happen? tomorrow is the ladyfest chicago thrift fair, which i said i would volunteer for but i never got confirmation if i'm needed, so i may just show up and see. either way i would check it out. i really should have gotten a table but seriously, i don't really need another thing on my plate.

except for lollipopfest.
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