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oh crafty day

so, last night i started a new batch of my "i'll be the b-side to your a-side" cards since i have a couple wholesale orders requesting them. this morning i woke up bright and early and finished them and then a new friend eliza (of purse-onality) and i went out to the paper source warehouse sale where i bought a huge random bag of scrap paper, some wooden blocks for mounting stamps i'm carving onto, and a bunch of packs of placecards. afterwards, we decided we wanted to eat so we drove by what i thought was a new breakfast joint on milwaukee called between but i guess i got it confused with another new restaurant. we ended up going to jerry's even though i went there yesterday because i love that place. on the way there we saw that the renegade handmade store (brought to you by sue + kathleen, creators of the renegade craft fair) said "opening tomorrow", but that they'd ripped the paper down, so we gave it a peek and then on the way back it was open, so the sign must have been from saturday. in any case, the store is amazing. they have done a fantastic job. if you're in chicago, CHECK IT OUT! so many of my awesome friends have stock there. yippee! i helped eliza carry back stuff she'd bought to her place (not even a half block from my place) and we planned to have a craft night soon. my plan is to make AT LEAST one new craft item a week every week until crafty bastards so that i have some awesome new stuff to sell! i came home and goccoed my cute little artichoke guy onto the placecards (i think it was 500 total i made and i'm going to sell them in packs of 10). then i tried to screen an old image i liked and had copies of and it just wasn't working for whatever reason. maybe my gocco is telling me to do something else with all these bookmarks i've cut out from the scrap paper i got.

saturday was a great day as well, but it could have been better had i not been exhausted and slept through the wicker park fest. oh well. zachary and i did get to hang out with kirstie, jason, sei jin, and their friend who runs a video game and pinball machine repair company.

oh yeah, jason & kirstie ripped me jason anderson's new (live) album "tonight", coming out on august 22nd. which is pretty much all you will hear if you ride in my car with me for the next couple weeks. while i've been trying to get jason a. to send me a copy forever, i just really wanted to hear it and jason got a review copy, so woo. it's really bittersweet knowing that i SHOULD have been there, but jason a. told me i had to be there the THURSDAY before he was playing this show recorded live ON A TUESDAY which was just not possible. anyways, it makes me tear up because it's been so long since i've seen his shows and seeing him play, as i've told many of you, is like church for me. that dude is all about heart. also, "the first snow of the year" makes my heart swell. some songs from the album are up on jason's myspace.

i watched a bunch of movies this weekend: the fountain, unhitched, missing brendan (the sole reason i got this was because adam brody is in it), sketches of frank gehry, and driving lessons (with rupert grint!). um, especially after reading brandy's review, i want to see ONCE a lot.

i tried to give hoggle a bit of blueberry and a bit of banana today. i'm trying to find him a healthier snack he finds equally delicious to mealworms, but i think i've lost that battle so far. he dissed rice too. mealworms for life! he starts smacking his lips when i unscrew the cap on the mealies.

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