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i spent the summer wasting. the time was passed so easily.

friday the 13th was a day from hell at work. it further gave me cause to celebrate having sold z and my pfork tix for a nice lil' profit (which we spent some of at crust). of course there were performances i am sad to have missed, but overall, i am super happy that i got to:

play with (aka get pooped on by) hoggle
go to the continental with jenny t., boehms, meredith, katie, amanda, etc.
make/eat sushi saturday & sunday (also made a hand roll for z with rice + macaroni + cheese)
put up shelves in the kitchen
put things on aforementioned shelves
file all my loose paperwork
put up all my big eye prints
went to an awesome cajun restaurant in evanston
went to see rescue dawn in evanston
also in evanston, we finally saw z's friends new video store after hours movie rentals and it's such a great little store.

so last week i played apples to apples for the first time at reba's and i loved it. MAN WORD ASSOCIATION IS SO AWESOME! words are awesome. you'd think i could have used a word other than awesome. i say awesome way too much.

more awesomeness = jessee art school dropout and i got into crafty bastards. YAY! so, that means i'll be back the weekend of September 28-30th. Crafty Bastards is Sunday, September 30, 2007 from 10am - 5pm in Adams Morgan. Check the site here.

i didn't mention my not awesome case of food poisoning acquired at the taste of chicago. it makes me really sad that it was from pars cove since that is where z and i went on our first proper date, but it sounds like health code stuff wasn't getting done that should have been both at the taste and at the actual restaurant (mouse droppings...sad face). they give every woman a rose at the end of dinner though. sigh.

a number of people on my friend's list have death and sickness surrounding them at the moment. my heart is with you guys. last week my mom called me to tell me that someone found neighbor has a brain tumor and today she called to tell me that my uncle's mother jean is really sick as well with dementia and possibly. call/write/hug who you love. often. i hope you guys know how much i love you. yep, you all knew i was secretly a hippie.

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