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tomatoes, craft fairs, new friends & a hedgehog...

i have done a heck of a lot lately.

i am growing tomatoes on my back porch. one tomato plant, two basil plants, and a dill plant that i purchased at the chicago farmer's market...the next thing i knew i had bought 3 more tomato plants plus greek oregano and somehow by accident pimiento peppers? there are three tomatoes visible on the plant i bought at the farmer's market, but the others are still fruitless. i feel like a mother waiting for a first word from her first born. GROW BABIES GROW!

last weekend rebecca rar rar and i drove to des moines, ia to do danelle + joe's CRAFT SATURDAY during the des moines farmer's market. on the way we stopped in iowa city, ia and just happened to stop at this awesome little store called white rabbit. we ended up consigning goods there which was kind of awesome since i only did okay at the fair. there were a ton of people outside at the farmer's market but getting them to come inside was a problem. i ate two tomatoes like they were apples this weekend. since i met rebecca she has been one of my very favorite people. i feel like tides are turning. some old friends shifting out like sand and new friends shifting in. anyways, rebecca rules and we have talked about applying for renegade together (even though it costs an arm and a leg). she's really an inspiration and i want more people around like that. speaking of future craft fairs, jessee art school dropout and i applied to crafty bastards together which i hope we get into since i've never done a market in my hometown and i think it would rule the school.

yesterday i got the call from the breeder and my time on the waiting list has paid off. come next monday night i will be the proud owner of an african pygmy hedgehog. i fell in love with brandy agerbeck's hedgehog numo as most of you guys likely did, but i've been doing extensive research on these little guys for some time and they seemed like the perfect pet for me and zachary, so i got on the waiting list and finally got the call i was waiting on! ahh, the coloring info i wrote down all the details at work and left them there and i was looking for a picture of what i thought i remembered it as, but that does not exist. EDIT: it's a male snowflake, so a pretty traditional looking hedgie. so, i need a boy name for a hedgehog. originally, i was thinking if it was a girl it'd be hermione, but my very first name i wanted to name a hedgehog if/when i got one was hedwig. hmm! hayden the hedgehog. holla. hal. hogwart. oh, yeah, we're going to see the midnight showing of hp: tootp at river east. i. cannot. wait.

tonight rani and i cleaned the hell out of our old apartment, slid the keys underneath the door, and said farewell to 1735 w augusta. then her, z, and myself went to chopper's. my dinner was cheese sticks. i emailed danlord (my old landlord) once i got home so hopefully we'll get the security deposits back soon!

tomorrow night is a yelp elite party at lush wine & spirits (right by SUA actually) and then bishop allen at beat kitchen but it's likely to sell out. if it does, then i may actually get to work on my craft room. it is still SUPER CRAZY and chaotic. i want to have it all done before friday night because maybe julie will want to sleepover.

lots of shows i booked at SUA are coming in july and man, i can't wait. mostly for the besties! la la la la, we're the besties.

it is super late, but i felt like i really needed to catch up with my friend's list so i read most of yr 500+ entries. yeah, you guys are awesome and inspiring. thank you.

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