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r.i.p. veronica mars.

sad things

1) it is a sad, sad day. i will always love you veronica mars. always and forever. i pine for you.

2) speaking of cancelled shows i love: yesterday after 2+ straight weeks of being hardcore swamped, my body gave up and i called in sick. i ended up watching the last 5 episodes of popular, season 2, and wtfing at the end. see, when it was first on, i watched all of the first season, but then i never saw season 2 until recently. seriously, wtf is up with that ending?

good things

3) our mol-leigh bday party was off the chain. so many amazing people in one room, in one night. my physical exhaustion kicked in and i didn't really get a chance to talk to everyone as long as i wanted to. adam once again kicked the butt of the pinata (this time it was an ice cream cone). the moustache theme did not succeed since the fake fur we bought (and molly cut apart to make 'staches) kept falling off the double sided tape. the gift i got molly (custom glasses from my lovely and amazing friend lauren bibliogrrl) went over so so so well --> AND molly got me a GRILL for the porch of z and my new place.

4) saturday afternoon, kris williams' bridal shower was incredibly fun at unique so chique.

5) saturday night, i saw bjork at the auditorium theatre in the 2nd row. it was as mind-blowing as you can imagine that seeing bjork would be. an awesome first time to see her. wow. she's a living breathing cartoon character.

if you are a girl who wears glasses, please take a photo (or have someone take a photo) of yr profile and email it to me. the new project i am working on...i thought i liked what i had, but i changed my mind and i need more variety. send me yr profiles, ladies! here is a sneak peek:


last night i kicked butt at cutting paper for another craft project while huffing OJ and watching notes on a scandal. z pointed out that judi dench's character looks like my mom and that was a bit weird. she really does at points.
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