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sad things happening all over the place.

i meant to post this the other night, but for some reason i didn't.

i just caught up on 150+ entries on my friends list and a bunch of really sad things have been happening to people i care about and i want all these sad things to stop happening. i feel like kicking myself every day i think something about my life sucks because, really, i have it made. sunday was zachary's 26th birthday and he said that it was the best birthday he's had (even though there were two downers that took place) and that makes me feel pretty special that i helped that happen.

the thing that made my heart break the hardest was reading jen's entry that julie doiron and husband jon claytor have broken up. i feel weird that when i saw julie last year at sxsw she was her same old sweet + wonderful self even though there was this huge part of her life missing. knowing that all these amazing people can get through stuff like this only makes me love them more. my heart goes out to her and to you.
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