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"i hope you have hobo stab insurance."

breakfast of champions:

believe it or not: Accepted was hilarious. i repeatedly laughed out loud. dan and i were completely sold by the end and agreed that it is a 4/5 star movie. zachary, being the film snob that he is kept wavering. the director steve pink was a co-screenwriter and one of the music director for HIGH FIDELITY. hi steve pink! good job! want to be friends?

i was also surprised by lucky number slevin. i thought it would suck and i missed some of the beginning cleaning up, but it had a good ending with a twist. we watched duane hopwood last night after watching the last 20 minutes of the superbowl (yes, that is me, your pal leigh...i actually watched sports of my own volition). i will forever like david schwimmer because he bought a number of dolan's (website) pieces and he asked him and len to go hang them and they said he was super nice.

i love cadbury creme eggs and they are perhaps my favorite candy, but this is just overload. walgreen's already has cadbury creme eggs, btw.

rani had her aesthetician exam out in the middle of nowhere illinois today so i had to feed the cats and give tigger his medicine yesterday and today. man oh man. he took it like a champ. he's been extra cuddlelicious lately and i think that's because he knows a lot of people are thinking about him. reading the comments in the guestbook i put up is so nice. rani should be getting the results of the biopsy of the bone early this week (today?), so we'll be posting an update on the site soon. plus, the stuff that my artsy crafty friends have sent in has been wonderful. i went to breakfast with val make-out goods on saturday and she donated a purse, some wrist cuffs, a patch, and earrings (did i leave anything out?). bethany cleodee donated a cupcake loving squid which is TOO CUTE. janice donated an amazing holly hobbie + cat purse. kate pencil shavings stuff is on the way and it's a sampling of all of her stuff. jeffrey brown donated a number of little drawings of kitties on bristol board that i got in the mail saturday that i oohed and awwed over and one of which i may bid on myself (as long as everyone thinks that is cool) since it's that cute. i'll get susan's stuff from her tonight. sarah coyne is going to ship her stuff from her house. hopefully rani and i will be able to put those up tomorrow night. her current auctions of threadless shirts end in about 6 hours:

lastly, if anyone has a good recipe that they think i would enjoy (remember i only eat poultry - no beef, seafood, pork), please comment with it (or a link to it) here. zachary is going to make us a nice v-day dinner so that we don't have to buy into that whole drop a bunch of coins on an expensive dinner because hallmark told you to, etc. that said, of course, it's nice getting chocolate and flowers anytime.

this post was already a mishmosh of things i kept wanting to write about. so, i'll note one more thing: i'm going to pittsburgh from friday - sunday where i will hang with natalialia and meet jessica manack in person! wahey! it will be the first time i am ever actually spending time in pittsburgh that is not only the span of a couple of hours. yay trips!

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