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copycat meme! & what's up with me?

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i've been feeling pretty sickly with muscle aches, shivers, headaches, you know, the usual things that happen to me when the temperatures shift from okay to bitterly cold in the span of a couple days. my head feels like crap and since it was almost 9 when i got off the L, i couldn't even grab my morning jamba juice coldbuster. myarg. i'm drinking earl grey with honey, but it's no substitute. since i've been staying in, i've seen a bunch of films lately. last night i watched 'i've heard the mermaids singing' which was not as good as i thought it would be. i also watched snakes on a plane again while we put rani's threadless shirts on ebay. btw, if you haven't looked at the tigger page in awhile, you can read recent updates and see a super cute tigger/meiko pic: - yesterday he had his second and hopefully more complete biopsy taken from his leg and i guess rani is waiting to hear back. he's been even more adorable than usual but meiko has been in super bitch mode since he smells like other cats and is again avoiding him. it's really sad, dudes. he just wants to love her and she growls the most evil growls ever and hisses at him if he comes close. he can't get a bath because of the sutures which means she'll be acting like this for another couple of days until the scent wears off. yarg.

i've been reading raymond carver's what we talk about when we talk about love and it's great seeing where haruki murakami got so much of his influence in storytelling. z gave me the book for my bday and i hadn't set myself in the frame of mind for short stories again until recently. that collection is great and i'm nearly through it. i have a huge stack of books, but which one will be next?

last saturday we saw david lynch's new film, inland empire, at the music box. we went to the midnight showing since that's what we could get tickets to (thanks so sei jin) thinking that david lynch would still be doing the q & a after that one as well since he did an involved q & a at the 8pm showing, but we had no such luck even after waiting another 30 minutes to see. i also ate at julius meinl for the first time saturday night (we met up with kris + joe) and then we (minus z) went back there for breakfast on sunday. god damn that place is delicious. we had the same waiter both days which was AWESOME! amazing food for reasonable prices. thinking about it makes me want it right now. i'm pretty darn hungry right now anyways. i will eat almonds now.

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