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i love my world.

i made the video about this morning of meiko. this actually kills two birds with one stone since nancy wanted to see the drawbridge and i wanted some audio documentation of meiko's cute little mews. the first couple are me trying to coax her into it (she was chatty but got a bit camera shy). we typically mew back and forth on weekend mornings when i hear her bound up the spiral staircase to try to gain access into the fortress that is upstairs.

i clearly fucked up my sleep schedule this weekend. too many naps, late bedtimes, crazy food, random ideas popping into my ideas at all times, movies, whatever. i am not sleepee in the slightest, but i am going to force myself to go to bed in a minute.

this past week, i saw two more movies that i want to pop into my top films of 2006 list, so i'll be posting that soon. pan's labyrinth last week and children of men today. everyone should see children of men. i kind of feel like someone should strap the prez down and make him watch that movie like alex delarge in a clockwork orange. walking outside and being slightly sweaty when it should be snowing just made the film hit home even harder. we have fucked up our world. i feel like punching anyone who thinks this film is some sort of bizarro "could never happen" sci-fi movie. this could be the future and we are totally on our way there. if things don't actually change soon, this is what we are heading towards. i had to cover my mouth to not bawl out loud twice. it's important and impactful and i feel the same way about this film that i do about an inconvenient truth.

let's pause the ranty-leigh. things have been extremely good in my life lately, but i'm feeling the fat. i need to come up with a gameplan and stick to it. otherwise, i am part of "team: best boo" and i have been consuming media like there is no tomorrow (and there may barely be). lately i've seen a plethora of films, read a stack of books, kept up with the lj friend list, and i've hung out with people who i love so much it makes my sides split open. i laugh a lot. i love a lot. anyone who knows me knows that i love to laugh. this year has had a great start for me and mine.

BOOKS: after finishing the HDM series on my plane home for christmas, i read love is a mixtape (heartbreaking true story and the type of book that kids like us adore), then ask again later (this book sucked), and i am reading alternadad by neal pollack, which is great. i haven't been doing much creating myself since the renegade craft fair holiday show, so i am going to get back on the creative ball soon. in general, i feel like my creativity is not put to as much use as it should be. but now is not when i should be pondering this. now is when i try to make sleep happen. i wish i could just rub my eyes with my fingertips to create sleep, like i'd rub two sticks together to create fire.

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