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"a kiss sent down the telephone line can come out sounding like a bug getting squashed"

if you have ever spent any extended amount of time with me, you'll know that i play songs and albums countless times in a row if i'm in love with them. well, recently in rotation has been darren hanlon - fingertips and mountaintops and sparklehorse - dreamt for light years in the belly of a mountain. funny that they both have mountain in the title! honestly, this may not be my favorite album of darren's, but the first four songs are classic. he's a wonder with words. sigh. that brings me to sparklehorse, one of my oldest loves and the first time i met ginny treefort was at a sparklehorse show at 9:30 club. when i told a guy i know at the reckless broadway location that i was totally loving this album, i felt a snobby vibe enter our conversation, like it's weird i love sparklehorse!? seriously, mark linkous is one amazing musician and poo on anyone who doesn't realize that. i want to give 'it's a wonderful life' more listens since i didn't really seize onto that album as much as the others.

i am a craft monster.

yesterday i succeeded:
- putting labels that say "text inside:" on all my cards with text inside.
- spraying down the letters for the banner.
- coming up with a new card design and printing cards and envelopes with the design.
- making about 20 of the craft i am still not revealing until i've got them all done

still to do before tomorrow:
- write company name on new cards and seal in envelope (LUNCH BREAK)
- slice all the 'to do' cards. well, duh i already knew it, but zachary is the best boyfriend ever and is helping me out by cutting out cards for me since it will really help me out and he has fridays off. yeep.
- email bands with set times (in the process of doing that)
- put jump rings on octo shrinKEYCHAINS and put on keychains
- make little signs to stick up in my backstock of cards so people know where each one is
- make price signs for my table
- figure out how to display my stock & the friends of leigh stock
- try to start/complete this other craft idea i have
- cut around the mystery craft i mentioned above (AT SOUTH UNION ARTS TONIGHT)
- make more of the mystery craft i mentioned above (AT SOUTH UNION ARTS TONIGHT)
- add velcro to the back of mystery craft

oh yeah dudes, SOUTH UNION ARTS MARKET is featured on the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Chicago Reader! i am proud proud proud that this has all come together so well.

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