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chicagoist writeup about south union arts market

so, when i got back from lunch lauren bibliogrrl told me to look at and BAM, at the top of the page was this! anyways, since i've been really worried about bringing shoppers out, this was really exciting news. no one ever emailed me back from there or gaper's block, but we did get a blurb in the upcoming events there too. now if the onion comes through for next week, that would be swell. everyone, cross your fingers.

taking z's mom out last night was fun. we went to pingpong, based on artemiswinter's recommendation. :) it was within walking distance from their hotel and z's, we didn't break the bank, and it was good. wahey! since it was blisteringly cold, we took a cab back to z's and then he headed to the empty bottle to see gil mantera's party dream, while i cut paper for a craft project and watched hannah montana on dvd. has anyone watched this show? um, i kind of LOVED it. new guilty pleasure, here i come, but most of you know by now that i will watch or read most anything relating to a band, especially fictional made up bands/singers. tonight i'm working at SUA and then i'll be going to milwaukee with zachary and his 'rents for art vs. craft and i'll hopefully get to see brandy and stephanie (i forgot to ask you if you will be in town). and the rest of the weekend, i have to devote to CRAFTING. if you are bored by all my craft talk, i am seriously sorry. :(
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