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zachary + leigh = seymour + enid

the only halloween activity we participated in this weekend was PANIC @ darkroom friday night since i worked at south union arts until midnight. saturday i did hang out with lauren, megan, and sara (in town from barcelona). sara was my stylist before she moved so she gave me a haircut! the rest of the weekend was spent mostly in bed with killer migraine and muscle/body aches. after so much sleeping, i'm not tired at all even with the extra hour thanks to daylight savings. today i laid in bed all day watching romy and michele's high school reunion and then grosse point blank because i didn't want to move at all even to put a movie in. i did get a late night burst of energy where i cleaned and then finished all the holiday shopping list books. pictures will come when it's not 2am.

provided i feel up to it, i still want to use my costume at least once more so please let me know of halloween goings on in chicago.
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