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i make myself one busy bee.

this morning i went for the POWER coldbuster from jamba juice with an energy boost. actually, waking up this morning was painless, but it was the crawling back into bed to cuddle for a couple minutes with my warm boo that nearly did me in. my brain almost clicked back into full on sleep mode, but i managed to wake myself up.

tonight i have three friends throwing parties that i actually want to go to, but they span the whole of chicago: rogers park, logan square lakeview. it's like the chicago triangle. i'm actually working at south union arts beforehand and i couldn't get out of it since most of our other volunteers will be at eric's bday celebration at ronnie's, which is cool and all. i just hope tonight's show gets out early. if it does, zachary and i still may be bypassing all parties and going to PANIC at darkroom where i know people at least some people will be in costume. darn ups didn't knock on the side door to deliver my package so i still haven't received the shirt for my costume, but z is picking me up from work and we're going to retrieve it at ups which is, annoyingly enough RIGHT by SUA, but they're only open until 6pm; it used to be 9pm, so i can't just swing by before work and get it. yarg.

speaking of south union arts, part of why i've been so hugely busy is that i've been organizing an event that will flipping rule called SOUTH UNION ARTS MARKET. anyone in chicago, i would appreciate it if you dropped by one of the days, at least for a little. also, if you have any tables or tabletops, i'd like to borrow them since i'm sure that some vendors don't have tables. pretty please. here's the flier. you can hotlink to the image and please link to our myspace which is where all the vendors are listed: - while you are at it, please add us as a friend!

ps. we got morrissey tickets! look at the crazy ebay sellers, at it already --> eek .

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