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a busy, but great weekend and introducing z to the 'rents

met rents @ their hotel
went out to dinner at houlihan's
we cabbed it to 1735

took a half day off friday afternoon
z and i went with 'rents to the oriental institute
later my rents came by to see 1735
then we went out for dinner at my fave restaurant, think cafe

i met my 'rents at their hotel and we drove up the magnificent mile
we had lunch at papa milano's
a downpour started, so we ducked into a couple of stores to kill time
my rents dropped me off to relax at their hotel
later z and i took the train to dinner at twin anchors (where return to me was filmed)
saw 'the water coolers' at the lakeshore theater
ice cream @ bobtail soda fountain
zachary and i watched '24 hours on craigslist'

we all went on the chicago architecture foundation's boat tour of chicago - it was fantastic
we picked up dan and went to the duke of perth for a hearty lunch
dan left to go to brianne's party
we walked around lakeview and then re-parked in the landmark lot to see 'little miss sunshine'
my rents dropped us off at zachary's and we said goodbye
z and i watched 'falling angels' while i packed cards + envelopes into cellophane envelopes

this morning at sometime around 2:30am, i finished harry potter and the half-blood prince. i didn't cry because i felt like i knew what was coming. anyone who wants to talk about potter (you know who you are), i'm game.

today marks 6 months of bliss with zachary. we're both happy as larks. tonight we go out to a fancy dinner. tomorrow night is the season premiere of veronica mars. wednesday night is calvin johnson/mt. eerie @ SOUTH UNION ARTS, DUDES! thursday night i pack since i leave friday morning for popfest! new england and i get back late monday afternoon. cross yr fingers that the trip goes off without a hitch! yeah, things are awesome!

ps. it was awesome finding this picture of thebrotherkite on their myspace where matt is wearing a make-out party shirt. i was so happy that i put it up on the front page of - i can't wait to see them this weekend! hey, did anyone want a shirt? when i go back for thanksgiving if carol will be around to let me in/have a peanut butter taste test, i can get shirts from the diver city house. i had them made so long ago now that i can't remember how much i was charging. anyways, if you want one, i'd ask $10 with shipping included. i think that's right. i have them in yellow and pink. i think there is a third color, but i can't remember. while you are buying things, buy TBK's new album here.
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