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i can see the venom in your eyes!

in the past couple weeks i:
- came up with two new card designs for rhymes with twee!
- screened one of the designs as a contribution to the september sampler!
- worked a lot of shows at south union arts, met some really nice people.
- saw tom waits at the auditorium theatre with z. i never would have thought i'd be as entranced as i was. all i can say is wow.
- met my longtime penpal bingham and saw his band glossary.
- took z to the shedd aquarium which he'd never been to.
- smiled until my face hurt at the smittens' show at red line tap.
- immediately following that, i questioned why i am so nice to people who barely thank me.
- went to a yelp party at DINE.
- was tipsy three saturday mornings in a row thanks to joey's brickhouse pizza $15 all you can eat + drink brunch.
- went to the MCA for the first time to see the chris ware exhibit before it closed. ran into allison and craig.
- talked on the phone to natalia, nancy, laini, and evan.
- saw lena at the handmade market at empty bottle.
- saw ian svenonious give a slideshow presentation about his new book, the psychic soviet. it was weird to see him so nervous.
- lots and lots of web stuff for mp/sua.
- missed dc extremely hard because ian and i talked about spilt milk's demise, etc.
- saw snakes on a plane twice on saturday (4:40p, 10p). best ever.

snakes on a plane more than lived up to the hype in my book. to prepare ourselves for the 10p show, stephanie and i drank TARANTULA which somehow seemed like a better idea than SENOR MARGARITAS, but didn't get us as tipsy.

with all the stuff going on, it's no wonder that i got sick. this morning i woke up with the worst sinus feeling and i can barely hear out of my right ear. so many good things are on the horizon, but i always pick the best times to be sick. speaking of good things: our friend joe's (of kissing on the mouth fame) movie, LOL: the movie is closing the chicago underground film festival at the music box on thursday at 8pm. another good thing is that headlights are playing schuba's the next day. the first headlights album, kill them with kindess, just came out and i think every one of you should buy it because it's the best thing i have heard in a long, long time. okay, that's a wrap!

ps. this bit sucks because morr music artist electric president are not coming to chicago or anywhere even close. if you're in one of these other places, GO SEE THEM!
all Dates with w/ Alias&Tarsier /Astronautalis
: 10.10.2006 : Atlanta (USA) :Drunken Unicorn
: 11.10.2006 : Gainesville (USA) :Common Ground
: 12.10.2006 : Orlando (USA) : Backbooth
: 14.10.2006 : Baton Rouge (USA) : Spanish moon
: 15.10.2006 : Austin / Tx (USA) : Emos
: 17.10.2006 : Denton (USA) : Hailey`s
: 18.10.2006 : Ock (USA) : Conservatory
: 20.10.2006 : Denver (USA) : Rock Island
: 21.10.2006 : Colorado Springs,(USA) : t.b.a
: 23.10.2006 : SLC (USA) : Kayo
: 25.10.2006 : Phoenix (USA) : Modified
: 26.10.2006 : San Diego (USA) : Casbah
: 27.10.2006 : Los Angeles (USA) : Echo
: 28.10.2006 : San Francisco,CA (USA) : Bottom of the hill

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