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"the more you try to erase me the more that i appear."


i haven't had this crushing feeling over a record in ages. say what you will, but i think that thom yorke's solo record, the eraser, is an utterly important album for today and even moreso for tomorrow. thom is saying the same thing that al gore is saying in an inconvenient truth and it's making me hate being human since being one means that i am a part of the problem with the world. you know in the 60's when the music opened people's eyes and helped to change people's minds? i really and truly hope that enough musicians release work like this so that maybe some eyes become opened and the world starts changing for the better.

the clock (thom yorke)

time is running out for us
but you just move the hands upon the clock
you throw coins in a wishing well
wake up
you just move your hands upon the clock

it comes to you begging you to stop
wake up

but you just move your hands upon the clock
throw coins in a wishing well for us
you make believe that you are still in charge

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