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Radiohead and ruminations on life

In the past three years: I have spent over three hundred dollars on necklaces from fiery lion designs. I bought the drill ep. I had to pay over $500 in car repairs. I bought a four track for $150. I bought a Stanley Donwood (Radiohead's artist) print for £144.00. This probably makes it seem like I have a lot of money, but holy heck, I don't. After I added all these things up in my head; that I spend all this money on stuff that is good, but doesn't define my life, it just didn't make sense for me not to see my favorite band of all time, who I literally credit time and time again with saving my life. After not scoring tickets through w.a.s.t.e. (since they didn't send out the announcement and I am definitely the farthest I have ever been from being in the Radiohead loop in 10 years) or Ticketmaster, I said fuck it and bought tickets on ebay through Buy it Now ($264 for 2 tickets in the fourth row center in Balc-2).

Honestly, after reading some reviews from longtime fans after seeing them on this tour, I was scared that I would be let down after last night's show. Carl tells me that the show on Monday was nothing compared to Tuesday, so I thank my stars that I saw the Tuesday show. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin, so I'll just post the setlist:

01 Airbag
02 2+2=5
03 Where I End And You Begin
04 15 Step ***
05 Kid A
06 Arpeggi ***
07 Videotape ***
08 Climbing Up The Walls
09 Street Spirit
10 Nude
11 I Might Be Wrong
12 No Surprises
13 All I Need ***
14 I Want None of This (It's actually called I Want None of It)
15 The National Anthem
16 Bangers 'n Mash ***
17 Everything in its Right Place

Encore 1
18 My Iron Lung
19 The Bends
20 Myxomatosis
21 How To Disappear Completely

Encore 2
22 Down is the New Up ***
23 The Tourist

*** new songs I heard for the first time

[setlist courtesy green plastic.]

Starting with Airbag was a brilliant idea. The crowd went crazy. I was comparing the volume to the Cubs game I went to last week (for 1.5 innings) and thinking how much louder the crowd was in cheering Radiohead and it made me gush. Getting to watch Zachary's reaction was great too since it was the first time he'd ever seen them! Hearing Nude (Big Ideas), oh my god, such a rush of memories, of seeing them with my gurlees who I kept dialing (Catherine, Ginny, Karyn, Laini, Nancy, Natalia) throughout the show. Seeing I Want None of It live just blew me away. After the Paul break up that song was on endless loop. During the three in a row punch of My Iron Lung, The Bends, and Myxomatosis Zachary said that I was so lost in it that I gave him bruises from holding onto his arm so tightly. I almost fainted twice during that bit actually. I fell backwards in a dizzy contented haze and he pulled me back up. Ending on The Tourist, wow, I just floated. It was strange not to see them play Paranoid Android, Karma Police, or You and Whose Army?, but I cannot complain. The only way it possibly could have been any better is if they had played Lift or The Trickster.

The only downers of the night 1) the three guys in front of us were a. drunk and b. smoking weed and I abhor the stench and c. jack bags 2) two lady jack bags stole a cab that zachary and i had waited for and flagged down. they didn't even acknowledge us, so I actually said something "hey, we were waiting here before you," but still no reaction so I stuck a big thumbs up next to their face in the cab, which they pretended to ignore. Karma Police, arrest [these] girl[s].

I can't let crap like the above bring me down especially when there is so much amazing stuff going on in my life. There have been two deaths in the past two weeks (Kathryn and Jeff's cat, Wally, aka Mister) and an amazingly sweet and strong woman who worked literally 10 feet away from me, for another law firm, is dying in a hospital. I was ruminating on this a lot during the show last night. We never know when we're going to go. Love your life. I love all of you.

want to see, but mostly hear last night's debut of a brand new song?

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