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weekend wrap up in bulleted form

i am mighty glad that i do not have to move for another year since my arms hurt from helping dan and rani haul stuff around.

+ dinner @ the ibis restaurant (Puerto Rican)
+ dungen/nethers @ logan square auditorium, but we left 1/3 through dungen's set
+ watched 'date movie'

+ choke distribution music sale @ their warehouse; came away with a huge bag of cds and an armful of 7"s for $5 total
+ came back to take care of sick zachary
+ we realized that meiko was missing
+ i made and printed up 10 fliers and put up 2, but we had to leave
+ rani and dan continued the hunt for meiko
+ tried to catch the end of artzilla craftzuki @ schuba's, but got there at 4:58 and everyone was packing up and lena was gone!
+ bought a present at clothes optional
+ dinner @ szechuan garden
+ ice cream cone @ bobtail soda fountain
+ got a text message from rani saying that meiko was okay but filthy and cowering underneath ladders in between our place and our next door neighbor's house
+ saw an inconvenient truth @ landmark century, was duly impressed
+ bought fancy cheese + wine at eatzi's
+ ate said cheese & wine at home while we started watching 'mrs. henderson presents...'

+ danelle had moved everything out
+ finished laundry
+ went to ikea
+ finished watching 'mrs. henderson presents...'
+ scrabble
+ x3: the last stand @ three penny
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