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to anyone who may not believe i am busy when i say i am

If AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is playing anywhere remotely near you, go see it: THIS WEEKEND. The way that opening weekend goes determines how much press the documentary receives and how many more screens it will open on next week. This is perhaps the most important film of our generation. The preview made me cry - it is that moving. This is the type of cinema that can facilitate change. Please go see this film this weekend and tell as many people as you can about it.

+ I picked up my car in Lakeview and dropped off Rani and I's trunkful of stuff at Salvation Army drop off site.
+ I got myself carryout from Rudy's Taste.
+ I watched the second to last episode of ALIAS that my mom had mailed me but I had yet to watch.
+ Z met Dan and I at Trader Joe's.
+ Horrible, horrible itchy eczema everywhere.
+ Finished Dear Frankie

+ Briefly left work to go to the dermatologist for my horrible eczema flair up.
+ Got out of work by 3.
+ Tried to sleep while Z ran errands and dropped off my prescription.
+ Watched the ALIAS series finale (on tape) instead. I cried sobbing sobs twice because, for some reason, Jack Bristow has always reminded me of my dad.
+ Ate dinner @ Ranaldi's.
+ Saw Kris Racer @ Gunther Murphy's.
+ Went to Zachary's friend Elizabeth's grad party.

+ Z works every Saturday.
+ Butterfly Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine
+ Dan and I dropped off Ginny and picked up Z at work.
+ Saw the best guy ever walking up State Street (who Dan told me looked exactly like Rob Halford, which I now agree with):

Diana has informed me that this guy was most likely participating in the International Mr. Leather competition that takes place over Memorial Day Weekend!]
+ Target.
+ Stanley's.
+ Dan made delicious lasagna and I made tsatsiki to go with spanakopita from Trader Joe's.
+ We took a nap which resulted in us MISSING seeing my friend's band who I really like: Metal Hearts @ Metro.
+ Saw Art School Confidential at Piper's Alley.

+ I made big dippers for my boys and ate banana duck curry leftovers.
+ We took photos of stuff I was going to put on ebay.
+ A guy came and bought the huge lot of movie posters I'd listed on CL.
+ I put stuff on ebay while watching movies: Straight from the Heart, Dark (we stopped this), and then was waiting for the freakin' re-run of TOP CHEF but Bravo was on the fritz so we missed it and watched Clueless on TV instead.
+ Dan began testing out his new dehydrator.
+ Grilled out on Kris Williams' roof with our beautiful city as a backdrop.

+ Slept most of the day.
+ BBQ at Josh Miller's place.
+ Watched Wild Zero.

+ I went home, threw on workout clothes.
+ Took 3 dogs for walks at Furry Friends Foundation.
+ Drove to Z's, gave myself a spongebath really quickly, and changed into a nice French inspired outfit.
+ I took Z out for the Prix-Fixe at Le Bouchon in early celebration of our 2 month anniversary (I had Warm Goat Cheese Salad --> Le Ragout de Canard au Vin Rouge --> Pommes Purée --> Mixed Berries with Crème Anglaise).
+ Updated MPShows myspace account.

After all this, is it any wonder I have tattoos of utensils on the backs of my arms? I spend way too much money on food. Z and I are working on budgets. With Rani moving in and the breakup of our rent changing, I'll be paying $125 less each month on rent. I could not be more psyched about this. Back to tattoos, I absolutely ABHOR IT when strangers give me crap about my tatoos, or try to lift up my shirt sleeve to see the rest of the headphones one. Twice in the past week I have come close to c-ping or yelling at strangers who do these things. I don't ever comment on these old dudes wearing their business casual uniforms issued from Eddie Bauer or Abercrombie & Fitch; and it's always old dudes, but they feel free to gosh golly and giggle at what I have committed to my skin. Lame, lame, lame.

Here is a very cool Chicago-based ribbon shoe company that I found linked off The Sampler site:

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