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well, that was a good idea

so, i was feeling utterly terrible after brendan dropped me off after we'd split from stephanie and heather(fl). i laid down on my bed and took an hour long nap. i figured i'd leave immediately after waking up. i ended up leaving way late. brandy and i walked from the pabst theatre and picked up my ticket a bit after doors opened at the riverside theatre at 7. i had decided to go because 1) i hadn't seen laura in ages and also, it was really fun hanging out with stephanie and heather last night. 2) the chicago show was underwhelming compared to every other time i've seen b&s. 3) i wanted to listen to more of hey nostradamus (douglas coupland). i am truly glad i went. i was 20 times closer to stuart & co. than i was in chicago. the crowd was way better. the set was jaw droppingly fantastic (FOX IN THE SNOW, judy and the dream of horses, if you find yourself caught in love, the loneliness of a middle distance runner, me & the major, she's losing it, electronic renaissance, etc. etc. etc.). i ran into three people i hadn't seen in a long, longer, & longest while. one of whom was eric from dc who used to go to panic and dated liz. man, it was just all around great.

the poo was not having service when i was down close to the front of the stage and then missing a text stephanie sent me saying that palomino stops serving food at 11 and being unable to plan an alternate with them. so, stephanie, heather, and laura left; i suppose they thought i was going straight to the bar) and then neither steph or laura picked up their cellphones, so that left me ladyless (well, ladyless of those particular ladies - i was with brandy who is awesometacular), and i hadn't paid heather back for the ticket. while waiting around and calling everyon, brandy and i saw jeremy who signed my discount coupon for new spectacles which he'd given me back in november and had forgotten to sign. jeremy gave us a ride back to our cars and then brandy and i went to pizza shuttle which is my new favorite greasy spoon in milwaukee. take that, george webb's! i thought i was far more hungry than i was. i ended up ordering a small pizza so i could personalize the toppings (spinach, onions, black olives), their crazy version of cheese filled breadsticks, and a coke which is why i am still wide wide awake at 4am. i just caught up on my friends' list.

i should add these notes here in james' lj format:
- heather, brendan and i ate at an awesome lebanese restaurant on kedzie called Al-Khaymeihthat was delicious.
- on the walk back to brendan's, we went to an argentinian gelato place called penguin.
- i finished hey nostradamus! and douglas coupland totally redeemed himself after me only being mildly interested in the last two i read of his. it was magnificent and i totally cried at the end while driving. they should list that in their description of the audiobook. read it.
- i started "reading" (i will continue to call listening to audiobooks reading because it really is nearly the same only i can't tab pages with post-its where i don't know a word, or if i want to underline a passage and write it down later) america: the audiobook and i don't know. i did laugh out loud once thus far, but i think it really would be something i'd rather flip through in bits, as diana said. it is pretty awesome that jon stewart and stephen colbert read it. i don't know the other voice though.

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