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"soul black vinyl to stop your tears..."

who is buying 'the life pursuit' straight after work? thanks to christa, josh and i listened to it on the way to dayton this weekend. it was pretty exciting, though he truly didn't believe that, during the first run through of a fave band's album, i do not like to talk AT ALL. i just like to let it soak in. i mean, usually it's alright since i'll buy a just released record and listen to it at home through my big koss headphones alone. up until now i have never dated anyone who'd lay around with me listening to brand new records. so, it took a bit of adjusting. josh likes to skip around songs, but i just can't get behind that. perhaps it's my closet ocd that makes me give it a thorough listen before skipping around. we listened to 'funny little frog' when i got the single pack from the uk of the cd, 7", and dvd single. the video is one of the cutest videos i have ever seen. seeing stuart dance is one of my favorite things ever. oh, drool. i can hardly believe that i actually danced in a group with him and janet weiss at the old metro cafe. oh thank you, allison wolfe!

after calling off the dayton trip at noon friday because of possible bad weather, we ended up leaving at 1am, after i had gone to katrina's bday party briefly with james and ginny and then came back and had a short heart to heart with jason a. before jumping in my car. it took us NINE FREAKIN' HOURS TO GET THERE due to yes, bad weather. we pulled over at a rest stop to sleep for an hour. we got in around 10 something, hung with his friend jason for a bit before i went to pass out on his bed for an hour and a half while they caught up. then we left for lunch with josh's mom and dad at giovanni's. after that we left to go thrift shopping and oh gosh dudes, i got some awesome thrift scores. dayton rules! we went to flying tiger for dinner and then went to josh's grandma's house and i met her and his aunt who was visiting with her husband and their two crazy but awesome dalmations! :) i passed up a piece of homemade chocolate cake because after we left we went to steak & shake! finally! my very first time! i got a half banana/half chocolate and it was good, but not my fave shake ever. i didn't see any crazy shake flavors there, so that was kind of a let down. we rented garbage pail kids: the movie and all three of us passed out in front of the tv. in the morning we woke up kind of late, watched some of goonies, said goodbye to jason and then went off to ajanta for indian buffet. it was good and we were full but before jumping on the highway home, we hit up ritter's frozen custard and split a black raspberry shake or something. it was filled with seeds, which was annoying but it tasted delicious. note to self: vacuum car for seeds. the trip home was MASSIVELY better. we listened to the smiths. i played josh old dismemberment plan and somehow he fell asleep (we are sleep deprived). we made a late dinner and watched a family guy with dan. oh, then sleep. glorious sleep. my best friend who i rarely hang out with much.

last night i made a ridiculous amount of lentils and rice because i have spent money like a fool lately and i'm trying to save money. i love love love the man at the carneceria on ashland. i was short 37 cents on the lentils and onions i was buying and the credit card minimum was $10. i said i'd just put back an onion and he started bagging and put both onions in. i repeated what i'd said and he says with a smile: "you need these. give me 37 cents next time." yep, i'm going back tonight. after making delicious gubbins, i worked on cleaning my room and danelle showed me these tiny condom sized pouches she made for the march sampler: check them out. they are freakin' awesome. after being inspired by her craftiness, i worked on cleaning and organizing my room. since i started crafting, my room has been a freakin' mess all the time and so i bought these things at ikea for craft supply storage when they were on sale for 2/3.99. man, it's finally starting to come together. this is such a process, but it should streamline my crafting from now on. :) i plan to complete the clean up before $5 movie with dan tonight: the matador. diana said it was good and i saw the preview once, but i haven't really hearch much else about it. $5 though. you can't beat it.

i spilled 3/4 of a glass of water on my desk a little bit ago. that was fun times. it was good for cleaning up the piles of dust behind my computer though.

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